Despite Denials, Tmz Stands By 'Justin Bieber Spitting On Fans Tale'

One Direction's "Best Tune Ever" gained the prize for Best Tune of the Summer. Swift's "I Understood You Were Trouble" won for Best Feminine Video. Swift fairly much admitted in a 2013 interview with the London Occasions that she wrote the tune about Styles, who is 1 of her ex-boyfriends.

What do you believe of this young boy looking like Justin Bieber and following in his footsteps to turn out to be the next younger songs sensation? Do you think he does look like Justin Bieber? Sound off with your comments below and let everybody know what you think about this story.

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Styles and Swift dated for only a few months. Their breakup in January 2013 was reportedly not amicable. Neither Styles nor Swift has publicly talked about why they split. "I Understood You Had been Trouble" was reportedly created after Swift and Swift secretly dated for a few weeks in the spring of 2012, but she allegedly broke issues off with him simply because he didn't want to be monogamous. They rekindled their relationship about November 2012 but broke up again in January 2013.

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Maci is investing more time home with Bentley on the weekends and sharing their experiences with her followers on Twitter since she stopped filming the show. Rumor has it that she is busy filming her spin-off, which will show a different aspect to Maci and Bentley's lifestyle. Will you be viewing this upcoming spin-off if it does make it to air? And what do you think of Maci's Saturday night in with her son and their puzzle adventures?

The Instagram application was reportedly updated to edition four.. in their respective app stores. However, we observed that when we set up -- fresh -- Instagram on our Galaxy S4, we received version 3.5.three. In addition, a quantity of the reviews of the Android edition stated that -- even though they obtained four.. -- there was no video clip button on the digital camera display.

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